Police will not seek to enforce Brussels’ 2h curfew

Police will not seek to enforce Brussels’ 2h curfew
Credit: Belga

While the curfew in the Brussels-Capital Region will still apply for the two hours between 10:00 PM and midnight before it expires on Saturday, it is unlikely that people out on the streets tonight will be fined.

The curfew no longer applies in Flanders and Wallonia tonight, but Brussels residents will still have to be indoors by 10:00 PM, and stay there until the rule is officially lifted across the country at midnight, when Saturday starts.

However, people on the streets of Brussels during that two-hour period are unlikely to be fined by the police, provided they are not causing any trouble.

"We are not organising a witch hunt," Ilse Van de keere, spokesperson for the Brussels-Capital Ixelles police zone, told The Brussels Times. "The police will deal with the situation in a pragmatic way. If there are any problems, we will intervene."

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Officers patrolling the streets in the North (Schaerbeek, Evere and Saint-Josse-ten-Noode) and Midi police zones (Anderlecht, Saint-Gilles, Forest) will work the same way, they told local media.

"In any case, I imagine that people will not set their alarm at midnight to go out on the street," they said.

From midnight/Saturday 8 May, the curfew will be replaced by a ban on gatherings of more than three people (with an exception for larger households) from midnight to 5:00 AM, across the entire country.

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