Forest Park to get first renovation in 70 years

Forest Park to get first renovation in 70 years
A part in the Forest neighbourhood of Brussels. Photo from Beliris

For the first time in 70 years, Forest Park will be getting a well-deserved restoration according to Beliris, the public building expert for Brussels.

The renovation has three major parts: the restoration of the canopies and the chalet, the construction of a new gardener’s building, and a facelift for the park itself, particularly the planting, paths and recreational areas, and outdoor furniture.

Work will begin on the first part – restoring the canopies and the chalet – this week.

Forest Park was first designated at the end of the 19th century, then modernised some 70 years ago.

The new renovations are aimed at restoring some of its former glory and making space for a new playground.

Photo from Beliris

The fence will disappear to make room for public toilets and a multipurpose hall with a terrace. Bars will be added to windows to protect the building from vandalism.

The current gardener’s building (on the Avenue Reine Marie-Henriette side) will be replaced with an energy efficient one with a green roof. Its ground floor will have officers, a dining area with a kitchenette, and a first aid station.

The downstairs will have garages, changing rooms with showers, and a storage room.

Water management will be addressed with an infiltration basin, as currently the park paths erode as a result of flooding during times of heavy rain.

Plants will also be rejuvenated with a good pruning, and new plants will be added in addition to the restoration of lawns. A study will assess the health of the trees in Forest Park.

Beliris is carrying out the project together with the Sweco consultancy, contractors PIT Antwerpen and BMS Entreprise, and in cooperation with the Department of Monuments and Sites and the municipality of Forest.

With a budget of €2.25 million, the work should take about a year and a half with a completion date in 2022.

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