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Brussels ring road blocked after accident with tanker truck

Credit: Flemish Traffic Centre

Due to a serious accident with a tanker truck near the municipality of Beersel just outside of Brussels, the entire R0 Ring road around Brussels is blocked.

The accident happened Tuesday around 2:30 PM near Beersel, south of Brussels, after a tanker truck ran into the central reservation.

“The accident initially happened on the inner ring road, but the road has been closed in both directions in the meantime,” the Flemish Traffic Centre reports. “That is for safety’s sake, because it concerns a tanker truck transporting hazardous materials.”

In the meantime, there is a leak in the tanker, according to reports in local media. The fire brigade has set up a safety perimeter of 60 metres.

A traffic jam of over 10 kilometres has already formed on the inner ring road, but it is expected to quickly grow longer. The traffic centre is urging drivers to avoid the area and make a detour via Brussels eastern ring road.