24 Brussels bars and restaurants open toilets to anyone free of charge

24 Brussels bars and restaurants open toilets to anyone free of charge
Credit: Unsplash / Claudio Schwarz

Together with the City of Brussels, 24 bars and restaurants in the city are making their toilets available free of charge as 'guest toilets,' meaning that people do not have to consume something to be allowed to use them.

Recently, 24 hospitality establishments – most of them in the centre of Brussels, but also some in Laeken, Neder-Over-Heembeek and Haren – signed an agreement with the City of Brussels.

"The owner provides their toilets free of charge, and the City supports them with an allowance for the use and cleaning of the toilets," the authorities said.

Shortly, another 20 establishments will be added to the list. They have not yet signed an agreement, but have indicated their interest in participating.

The City aims to have 50 guest toilets within a few months, and even 70 by the end of 2022.

This plan is part of Brussels' "Toilet Plan," which is comprised of various initiatives to increase the number of toilets and urinals in the city. In addition to the guest toilets, the authorities are also investing in public toilets, portable toilets and "uritrottoirs" or mobile urinals.

A full list of the participating businesses can be found here. You can recognise them by the logo (below) on their window.

Credit: City of Brussels

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