No clarity yet on cause of death of young man (18) in Brussels police cell

No clarity yet on cause of death of young man (18) in Brussels police cell
Credit: Jasper Jacobs/Belga

After an autopsy was carried out, there is still no clarity on the cause of death of the 18-year-old young man who died in a Brussels police cell on Monday, announced the Brussels public prosecutor.

The autopsy showed no traces of violence on the body, and the public prosecutor’s office is excluding the possibility that he was killed.

“The preliminary conclusions exclude any involvement of a third party in the death,” a press release by the prosecutor reads. What the actual cause of death was, however, remains unclear for the time being. A toxicological investigation is still being carried out.

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On Sunday, an 18-year-old man was arrested in Brussels for theft. He reportedly seemed to be under the influence of narcotics, such as medication or drugs, and was taken to hospital, according to reports in local media.

An earlier press release by the public prosecutor’s office confirmed that before being placed in a cell, the man had been examined by a doctor, who stated that the arrestee needed no further medical attention.

The young man was then placed in a cell of the Federal Judicial Police (FGP) in the Rue Royale in Brussels, where he was found dead in his cell on Monday.

An ambulance was called, but the man died at around 3:00 PM, the public prosecutor’s office confirmed.

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