Brussels aims for zero traffic deaths by 2030 after missing 2020 targets

Brussels aims for zero traffic deaths by 2030 after missing 2020 targets
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The Brussels-Capital Region has presented its new Road Safety Action Plan, aiming for zero road deaths or serious road injuries by 2030 after missing the targets it set for 2020.

The previous plan (2011-2020) aimed to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries by 50% by 2020, according to Bruzz. Although there was an improvement in the figures, the target was not achieved. In 2020, 15 people lost their lives on Brussels’ roads and there were 159 serious injuries.

‘Vision Zero’

The Brussels government has made ‘Vision Zero’ central to its new road safety plan. “It’s a basis for cooperation – it marks the only acceptable ambition in the area of road safety for everyone in our region: zero deaths or serious traffic injuries,” said Minister for Mobility and Traffic Safety Elke Van den Brandt (Groen).

The number and severity of collisions with pedestrians must also decrease, as well as collisions with cyclists, mopeds and motorbikes.

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Brussels is going about its mission in much the same way as the rest of the country. Belgium’s road safety plan sets its sights for zero traffic-related deaths by 2050. To do this, more speed cameras will be activated and the ticket-issuing process will be streamlined by increasing staff and creating a new, specially-designated centre.

Reduced speeds, tougher enforcement

The city is also reducing speeds across the board and improving infrastructure with smartly designed crossings in school areas, speed limit signage, and the creation of safer intersections. Speed checks will be increased and violations punished more quickly.

The inventory of accident-prone zones will also be updated every two years. The region plans regular, targeted awareness campaigns to improve knowledge of the rules of the Highway Code.

Lastly, the plan draws attention to specific risks and future developments in micromobility, such as the shared scooters and bikes available in the city.

The plan was developed in cooperation with citizens alongside road safety experts.

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