Health minister wants Belgium’s hospital reform by 2024

Health minister wants Belgium’s hospital reform by 2024
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As part of his plans for the hospital reform, Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke wants more specialised hospitals and a decrease in the number of maternity clinics this year, reports De Standaard.

Vandenbroucke presented his reform plans, which De Standaard was able to see, last Friday, and made clear that he wants more specialised hospitals, such as for stroke care, and a reduction in the number of maternity clinics.

By 2023, the aim is to put an end to unnecessary hospital stays, as well as unnecessary scans. Vandenbroucke also wants to reimburse hospitals only for an average number of scans that corresponds to the size of the hospital, and no longer per scan performed.

From 2024, there would also be effective caps on the fees that doctors can charge, before a larger, general review of doctors’ salaries scheduled for 2025.

Currently, doctors who work with heavy equipment are paid a lot more than geriatricians or paediatricians, for example, but Vandenbroucke wants to review that completely.

By 2024, he also wants to agree on fixed amounts per procedure, which have to include everything, such as scans and medicines.

The budgets for technical installations, such as MRI scanners, will also be paid directly to the hospitals from then on, and no longer via the roundabout route of fees.

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