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    The Brussels CPAS concerned about the recovery of alimony claims

    The president of CPAS Brussels, Pascale Peraita (PS) criticized the new rules adopted for the recovery of alimony claims, amended on May 12th “without consulting the CPAS,” stated the newspaper Le Soir on Tuesday. The alimony payments service (Secal) – whose mission is to pay advances on alimony – can now act to recover alimony claims without lowering the income limit of the one making the payments. But so far, Secal can not recover any alimony payments when the person paying has an income or resources equal to or less than living wage to which they are entitled. The CPAS were discharged to give advances on maintenance and were assured that those concerned were not likely to be put in a situation which would cause them to enlist the help of a CPAS.

     For Pascale Peraita, the new rule “will result in additional costs for local governments (CPAS)” and will “affect the rights of children of the most vulnerable families,” she said in a letter to ministers Koen Geens (CD & V, Finance) and Maggie De Block (VLD, Social integration).

    On her part, Maggie De Block is said to be committed to advocating for CPAS resources to be adjusted according to the following changes.

    Maria Nowak (Source: Belga)