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All pension services now located in the South Tower

On Monday, Le Standard reported that the Public Sector Pensions Service will now be located in the South Tower.   This was also confirmed by the National Pensions Office, which pays the pensions of employees and independent workers, and officials from the National Social Insurance Institute for the Self-Employed (INASTI) and the South Tower in a joint statement sent to federal negotiators. The statement confirmed that six of the 37 floors of the South Tower will be released to accommodate the Public Sector Pensions Service.

All services involved in the payment of the pensions of some 2.2 million people now find themselves in one building. This symbolizes a goal that has almost been reached: a single point of reference which citizens can contact, by telephone, by email, or simply visiting the office.

The administration of the various departments should, however, remain independent, said officials.

(Source: Belga)