Brussels – Early arguments in the Richard Remes case

Brussels – Early arguments in the Richard Remes case

Arguments in the Richard Remes case began on Tuesday before the Brussels court. The suspect, Remes,  was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2012 for having doused his ex-mistress, Patricia Lefranc,  with sulfuric acid in December 2009 and is now being charged with the 1988 murder of the child of another of his former companions.  A review of the case along with the report of the investigating judge began on Tuesday before the council chamber in Brussels. Arguments will continue next Tuesday.

Lawyers for Richard Remes, Mr. Dimitri de Beco and Mr. Hicham Chibane, have requested that the charges be dismissed.

The prosecution has requested that Richard Remes be referred to criminal court.

Remes is charged with the murder of Sandra, a girl of 17 months found dead in 1988 at the bottom of the building where she lived with her mother, Antoinette Gallemaers on High Street in Brussels. Investigators initially believed that her death was caused by a fall until the autopsy proved that she had been suffocated.

Richard Remes and Antoinette Gallemaers were both indicted and placed under arrest.  The case was later dismissed.

The case was reopened at the request of Antoinette Gallemaers after Richard Remes attacked Patricia Lefranc with acid in December 2009 by Richard Remes. This second investigation resulted in the indictment of Richard Remes.

(Source: Belga)

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