Inmate requests right to die – Brussels Court of Appeals notes agreement between the two parties

The Brussels Court of Appeals made its decision concerning Frank Van Den Bleeken’s request to be euthanized. At the last hearing in court, it appeared that an agreement had been reached between the individual, who has been in prison for almost 30 years for multiple sexual offenses, and the Department of Justice. “This does not mean that Mr. Van Den Bleeken has permission from the court to be euthanized,” said Johan Boon, press magistrate at the Court of Appeals.  Frank Van Den Bleeken had asked the court if he could receive treatment in the Netherlands or be euthanized.

The Brussels Court of Appeal had found that the department did not have the jurisdiction to decide on a possible transfer to the Netherlands and also asked for more clarification on the request for euthanasia. The ministry, meanwhile, had finally given the green light for Frank Van Den Bleeken to be taken to a hospital where his doctors would be able to euthanize him.

“This agreement does not mean that the court has authorized this euthanization ,” insisted Johan Boon.

(Source: Belga)

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