Brussels: nearly 200 undocumented immigrants demonstrate outside Foreign Office

On Tuesday, nearly 200 undocumented immigrants from the group, La Voix des Sans-Papiers (Voice of Undocumented) protested outside the Foreign Office in Brussels to denounce the Belgian and European migration policies they consider racist and oppressive. Since June 27th, the protesters have occupied an abandoned building on Boulevard Leopold II, in Molenbeek-St-Jean. “The Foreign Office is a racist state agency that is mishandling our cases. Belgian migration policy continues to deport immigrants and giving no chance to thousands of men, women and children. Undocumented migrants are not full citizens yet we’re just looking to build a decent life for ourselves and our families, “said Thierno Dieng, spokesman for La Voix des Sans-Papiers.

“We reject all forms of racism and discrimination and that’s why we decided to fight against those who oppress, threaten and control us. In a multiracial society we want to live in peace and dignity, the undocumented only want to be judged by their skills and behaviors. Our anger is shared by European citizens who disagree with the oppressive immigration policies of the European Union,” he said.

La Voix des Sans-Papiers has brought together 200 people from North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Its members are demanding the regularization of all undocumented migrants living in Belgium, a halt to all evictions and common working conditions for all.

(Source: Belga)

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