Brussels solar panel owners take affair to court

Brussels solar panel owners take affair to court

In a repeat performance of its previous actions in Wallonia, NPO TPCV, "Touche pas à mes certificats verts" (Hands off my eco certificates), has lodged an appeal with the Brussels Court of Appeal on behalf of the smaller green energy producers against planned changes in Brussels tariffs, which will mean owners of solar panels or co-generation boilers will have to pay more to use the network, the Echo revealed on Wednesday. The NPO, which brings together nearly 14,500 owners, filed the appeal on October 1 against the new rate introduced by Brugel, Brussels energy market regulator, for owners of solar panels and other decentralised energy production facilities under 5 kWp.

Brugel plans to make customers pay network charges on all kWh they actually feed in to the network. The new rate is expected to be effective from 1 January, 2018 at the latest and according to some estimates, this change could cost households on average 150 to 350 euros more per year. 

This measure will affect 2,403 households in Brussels.

(Source: Belga)

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