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Brussels Chambers postpones decision on Richard Remes

On Tuesday, Brussels Chambers postponed to Wednesday, its decision on Richard Remes, charged with the 1988 murder of the daughter of one of his ex-partners. Richard Remes was nicknamed “Mr. Vitriol” after he threw sulphuric acid over his ex-mistress, Patricia Lefranc, in December 2009, for which he was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment by Brussels Assises Court. The Brussels Chamber deferred giving its order concerning Richard Remes, to Wednesday, for organisational reasons. The judge will either decide to send Richard Remes back to the Assises Court or dismiss the case.

Richard Remes is charged with the murder of Sandra, the daughter of one of his former partners, in January 1988.

The 17-month-old girl was found dead just outside the building where she lived with her mother, Antoinette Gallemaers, on Rue Haute in Brussels.

Investigators initially thought she had fallen out of a window but it was later found that she had been suffocated.

Both Richard Remes and Gallemaers Antoinette were arrested and charged. The case was then dismissed.

Antoinette Gallemaers requested and was granted the reopening of the case against Richard Remes following the dramatic events of his acid attack on Patricia Lefranc in December 2009.

(Source: Belga)