Brussels – Hearing for Jean-Louis Denis, Mickael Devredt and Mohamed Khemir, postponed until 29/10

 On Friday, the Council Chamber in Brussels postponed the hearing meant to examine the conditions of detention of Jean-Louis Denis, Mickael Devredt and Mohamed Khemir to October 29th. This postponement was made at the defense’s request. The three men are accused of being involved in terrorist activities, suspected of inciting young Belgian Muslims to travel to Syria. The defense will ask for the provisional release of the accused. 

The court had ordered the release of Jean-Louis Denis and Michael Devredt last September however the prosecution appealed that decision.  

The House of indictments then reformed the order of the Council Chamber and decided that these two defendants remain in custody. Jean-Louis Denis is particularly suspected of having convinced two teenagers, students of the Athénée Fernand Blum School in Schaerbeek, to go fight in Syria in April 2013.

(Source: Belga)

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