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750kg of sheet metal stolen from Infrabel in Walcourt

On Friday evening, Railway Police (SPC) arrested several people transporting metal sheets weighing approximately 750kg and belonging to Infrabel, the company managing Belgium’s rail network. Infrabel says the metal sheets were stolen from a warehouse in Walcourt in the province of Namur. Three people with a trailer full of the stolen material were intercepted in Mettet.
“These were metal sheets that are used under rails and sleepers, from one of our Walcourt warehouses,” said Arnaud Reymann, spokesman for Infrabel.
The three individuals were remanded in custody awaiting questioning by the police, said Namur public prosecutor’s department.
According to Arnaud Reymann, the stolen material was seized and will be immediately returned to Infrabel.

(Source: Belga)