Brussels: United Nations celebrates 69th anniversary on Grand-Place

On the occasion of the anniversary of the UN, an international organisation founded 69 years ago on October 24th, various organizations placed under its authority set up tents and information booths on the Brussels’ Grand-Place last Sunday. The official theme for this year’s anniversary celebrations is “Green Cities”. “This is a good opportunity to show the general public that the UN is much more than “Blue Helmets” and “food aid”, said Christophe Verhellen, spokesman for the organization in Belgium. “The United Nations is also very active in terms of sustainable development, green economy and climate change”, said the spokesman. “We give visitors detailed information on city gardens, composting or alternative energy sources. We show people what they can do to help protect the environment. We also explain the many ways in which the UN peacekeeping operations improve their lives and those of people in developing countries, green-wise.” 

Alexander De Croo, the new Minister for Development Cooperation, was strolling around the UN village, last Sunday.”We are proud that Belgium has been a part of the United Nations from the beginning”, he said. “The UN is still a key player, today.There are many challenges that countries cannot meet alone – I’m referring to sustainable development, climate change, but also to national and international conflicts and crisis situations, such as the Ebola outbreak.”

(Source: Belga)

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