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Police operation against prostitutes soliciting in Dampremy

On Monday, the Human Trafficking section of the local Charleroi police launched an operation in Dampremy (Charleroi), to put an end to the prostitution that started up there a few weeks ago. During a patrol, a sex worker got into an unmarked police car hoping she could get some clients, we were told on Wednesday. Following numerous complaints from Dempremy residents, the local Charleroi police launched an operation to observe the movements of several prostitutes who had been soliciting clients along the Nationale 5 and the Route de Mons.

Before long, a sex worker from Eastern Europe was spotted clearly soliciting clients. She was being observed by her pimp, from a stationary car in a nearby car-park. When he was arrested and searched, it was found he was keeping the young woman’s identity card.

Soon after, two women from Bulgaria were also picked up, before one prostitute, without being invited, got into the officers unmarked car, believing them to be potential clients. This woman was given a verbal warning for soliciting.

The local Charleroi police have stated that is watching the movements of a few of those involved in this prostitution from Ville-Basse (under renovation) to Dampremy.

(Source: Belga)