"Sauvez La Plaine" committee rallies outside home of Rudi Vervoort

In response to the call for action from the committee "Sauvez La Plaine" (Save La Plaine), a dozen people gathered on Thursday between 7:30 am and 8:30 am, Rue Ducale in Brussels, the address of the official residence of the Minister-President of the Brussels Region government, Rudi Vervoort. The intention was to literally wake up Rudi Vervoort in the hope he would intervene on their behalf in the Universalis Park real estate project case. Holding placards, an alarm clock and coffee, the students had a brief breakfast in front of his official residence. A letter stating their demands was read out before being placed in his mailbox. (letterbox)

The letter points out the abstention of the Brussels Institute of Environmental Management (IBGI/BMI). "Why did the BMI abstain from such an important subject? We believe that it has not fulfilled its duties in relation to environmental management." The letter urges Rudi Vervvort to act in accordance with the government's plan to reassess the city.

"The Brussels government says it wants to rethink the city, particularly through the Delta and Barracks hubs," said a "Sauvez La Plaine." Member. "The university campus of La Plaine is located right between these two major hubs. Rudi Vervoort is holding the cards, but it seems that for him private matters take priority over public matters."

Furthermore, members of the committee "Sauvez La Plaine", fully equipped and willing to tie themselves to trees if felling work resumes, are blocking the site in Universalis Park for the 10th consecutive day.

(Source: Belga)

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