INAMI/RIZIV number – medical students demonstrate in Brussels and Liege
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    INAMI/RIZIV number – medical students demonstrate in Brussels and Liege

    Since Thursday morning 8:00am in Liege approximately 200 medical and dental students from ULg have been demonstrating to demand changes in the INAMI/RIZIV number  allocation rules. Other actions also took place in Brussels and have continued for much of the day. An appointment with the Minister of Health, Maggie De Block, is currently on the cards. “Students are very emotional about this issue, it affects them, they feel the need to act, to take things in hand,” says Richard Duport, vice president of the Inter-Committee of Medical Students (Cium), participating in the protests in Liege today.

    Organisers claim about 200 students gathered in Liège University Hospital courtyard at 8:00am this morning to raise awareness among medical personnel and patients regarding the lack of availability of INAMI/RIZIV numbers. “We aim to make sure everyone knows what we’re having to deal with.” Access to the hospital has not been blocked.

    In the afternoon, the students descended on Liege city centre and then onto the PS headquarters, Place Sainte-Veronique, to challenge the Minister of Higher Education, Jean-Claude Marcourt. Other events were organised across Brussels over the course of Thursday. ULB students gathered at 9.00am on the Erasmus campus, followed by UCL at 9.30am. They joined forces at about at Place de l’Alma, before heading to the town centre to interact with the public.  

    “A meeting with the Minister, Maggie De Block, is scheduled for the morning of November 6th,” said Corinne Martin, president of the Federation of French-Speaking Students (FEF). “We are calling for three main issues to be addressed: an INAMI/RIZIV number for every student, an up-to-date register of GPs and their practices, and much-needed financing in institutions to enable us to arrange internships.”

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)