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Eighteen months suspended for letting a worker die

On Friday the Brussels Correctional Tribunal sentenced a construction entrepreneur to eighteen months in prison, suspended. The man had abandoned one of his workers, who had suffered a heart attack, in a street rather than calling the emergency services. He was afraid of getting into trouble with the authorities as he was paying the worker on the black. The Tribunal convicted the entrepreneur, Manuel C, for non-assistance to a person in distress and sentenced him to eighteen months in prison, suspended. It also convicted another of his employees for the same offence and sentenced him to fifteen months, suspended.
The entrepreneur also has to pay a 33,000 euro fine for infraction of social legislation as he had employed the victim without registering him.
On the 12th of November 2011, a Portuguese roofer working on the black, Jorge N.C., aged 49, suffered a heart attack on a site at Uccle, and fell from his ladder. His boss decided not to call the authorities as the worker was not registered. He asked one of his other employees to help him put the victim in the back of his truck and drop him off in front of a hospital. However, after a long drive, they decided to dump him in the rue Gambier in Uccle, where he died.

(Source: Belga)