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Pears before fines for Stib bus lane offenders

Stib (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company) is launching a campaign to encourage drivers to respect bus lanes, it revealed on Monday. From November 3rd to November 7th, offenders will be given pears, ‘’a nod to Belgian producers’’, and an information leaflet. This phase of awareness-raising will be followed by a more repressive week. ‘’By crowding bus lanes, you are making buses and all their passengers late. You could also be fined 60 euros’’, Stib reminds drivers.

Stib personnel will be in the field all week to “gently” reach out to drivers. Stickers will be seen on the back of buses and an ad will be broadcast on the radio.

Last year, before a similar awareness campaign, there were on average 20.6 offenders per hour on bus lanes, according to Stib. During the week-long campaign that figure fell to 1.8 offending cars per hour, and during the repression week 1,300 fines were issued. Over the year in 2013, 8,700 drivers were booked for breaching the rights of Stib vehicles to be the sole users of special Stib lanes.

(Source: Belga)