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    The Brussels PTB criticizes the rise in in Stib prices in 2015


    On Tuesday at 8.30, a dozen members of the Brussels PTB were at the entrance to the De Brouckière station telling passengers about the Stib price rises which will take effect on the 1st of February. They are protesting the cancelation of the Mobib tariff for 10 journeys at 12,5 euros.

    Youssef Handichi, Brussels PTB deputy, says it is the best value outside of a subscription. “We’re not going to help mobility and the environment in Brussels by putting public transport prices up. The Brussels government has proudly announced that only tourist offers will go up in 2015. But there was a catch. The cancelation of the Mobib tariff means that passengers that always paid 12,5 euros will now have to get the Jump tariff at 14 euros.  This is a 12% increase. After subscriptions, the 10 journey card is the most popular”.

     According to the 2013 report on Stib, the 10 journey card represents 10,06% of journeys, compared to 68,70% for general subscriptions  and 15,91% for school subscriptions.

    The PTB criticizes the constant price increases which are superior to inflation and the social isolation brought by the stopping of free transport for those over 65 in 2013.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)