A ‘‘Memory Cedar‘‘ for the 350 years of the Royal Linnean and Flora Society

The Brussels Royal Linnean and Flora Society is celebrating its 350th annivesary. The Brussels Environment minister Céline Frémault planted a ‘‘Memory Cedar‘‘ in the Laeken park. The company, that wants a greener capital, said it was satisfied with the regional policy, but less with that of the Town. In 1664, a group was created and dedicated to Saint Dorothy, the patron saint of gardeners and florists. During the 1935 exhibition in Brussels, the group became the Brussels Royal Linnean and Flora Society, and a Cedar was planted for the occasion in the Laeken park.

80 years later, a new Cedar has been planted by the Environment minister Céline Frémault 10 meters away on Saturday. ‘‘When it comes from Lebanon, the Atlas or Himalayas, the Cedar is a tree that has been in our parks and gardens for centuries. This is the tree we have chosen to celebrate the Sociey’s 350th anniversary ‘‘, the minister said.

From the 10th of December to the 28th of February, the Saint-Géry Halls will house the exhibition ‘‘Brussels, capital of Flora“, which will give a overview of the history of the parks and gardens of the Brussels region. ‘‘Since the creation of Brussels Environment, the region does good work to make Brussels greener. Unfortunately, we can’t always say the same for the commune‘‘; said Alain Camu from the Royal Linnean and Flora Society. ‘‘The Cambre Wood has been neglected by Brussels for several years‘‘.

(Source: Belga)

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