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    The Brussels Fire department warn of strikes


    The S.L.F.P section of the Brussels Fire department will send a strike warning to the President-Minister of the Brussels region, Rudi Vervoort, and the State secretary, Cécile Jodogne, on Friday. It should take effect on Monday for an “undetermined period” says Eric Labourdette, the manager. The Brussels Fire department criticizes, among other things, the absence of promotions to second lieutenant and majors “despite the declaration of vacancies” in March and “no work rules despite promises”.

    The Firemen also say there is a “lack of answers to questions and Union letters from the authority”.

    “The service has been completely neglected” and is confronted with “uncertainty for the future”, says Eric Labourdette. “We have no chief, we need twelve more Sergeants, and there is no protocol”.

    The S.L.F.P has not yet planned actions, hoping “to meet with authorities”.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)