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    10,000 bags a year definitively lost at Brussels airport


    10,000 bags a year are considered definitively lost at Brussels airport, the Sudpresse reported on Friday. Ten thousand bags lost seems a lot, but for 20 million passengers, it is a (very) reasonable average of 0,05%.

    Numerous bags are in fact found, but have no labels. “Unidentified luggage piles up at Zaventem airport“, explains Yahia Jerroudi, who works for the Swissport lost luggage service. They are one of the biggest luggage operators at Zaventem. “They are obviously opened after a few days to try to find the owner and send it back to them. But for thousands of them, it’s a waste of time. We keep them for a certain amount of time before giving them to charities“, she explains.

    Two main things explain the loss of luggage: a missed connection or the loss of an identification label.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)