Two activists “evict” the Jesus from the Grande Place nativity scene in Brussels

Two activists from the Anonymous collective, a group that presents itself as anarchic-poetic, entered the Grande Place nativity scene on Tuesday afternoon to symbolically evict the occupants. Disguised as police officers, they wanted to denounce the Michel government’s policies. “We evicted a poor family who were probably illegal refugees. They had been insolently squatting on our cherished Grande Place. Through this ironic gesture, we want to show our support for the Michel government and its new measures to punish those really responsible for the economic crisis”, said an Anonymous activist.

“We approve the government’s very therapeutic persecution of the unemployed, because although there is only one job available for 60 unemployed, we all know they are unemployed on purpose. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We also applaud the criminalization of social movements”, he added.

“We are for a modern government that isn’t scared to say its right-wing, that it will be all against all, that the last will be the last. That solidarity and craftsmanship are finished. A government that listens to multinational companies’ plans to make an even more market-based and dissocialized town. A government that supports the enlargement of the wonderful global European market. And to finish, lets the rich lull about in their tax havens. It was about time”, he concluded.

(Source: Belga)

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