National strike – “There has never been such a solid strike”

National strike – “There has never been such a solid strike”

After going to a hospital in Montigny-le-Tilleul and visiting strikers in Charleroi, the General Secretary of the CSC went to Liège. She visited a picket line in front of the Saint-Véronique school. “The movement is a success today”, she said. “Everywhere I go, I see great determination. But I can also see a growing frustration: delegates and workers feel they are not being heard. It’s high time that changed”.

Marie-Hélène Ska says strikers want incomes to be distributed more fairly. “I hope that politicians will show they can be flexible”, she added. “We have not yet seen that yet, even if the idea that we need to generate new incomes is progressing bit by bit. But we don’t want symbolic gestures. We want to relaunch the economy and encourage young people, who are too often left without work”.   

The Federal Secretary of the CSC asks employers to stop being dogmatic and not just talk about social conciliation, but act on it. She asks the federal government to stop “repeating that the government agreement is a bible and take the reality for workers into account”.

“There has never been such a solid strike, a common front. From North to South and East to West. A strike that is not corporate, but a strong signal”, she concluded, before going to Eupen and returning to Brussels later in the day.

(Source: Belga)

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