Brussels CPAS call for solidarity in 19 Brussels municipalities

Brussels CPAS call for solidarity in 19 Brussels municipalities

Pascale Peraita, president of Brussels CPAS (social services), has called for solidarity in the 19 municipalities covered by her services, according to Thursday’s edition of La Capitale and the Brussels editions of Le Soir and La Derniere Heure. Additional accommodation must urgently be found to welcome homeless people as part of the winter plan, she states. On Tuesday night, 100 people calling emergency services were not offered overnight accommodation for lack of available space. Approximately 1,100 places are needed around Brussels alone, but emergency services can only offer 660 beds.

4 empty buildings have been identified, 3 in Schaerbeek and one in Berchem. “They are the only ones we can use straight away without major refurbishment”, explains Pascale Peraira. “However, we are facing obstruction from local authorities.”

The office of Celine Fremault (CDH), the minister in charge of finding residential facilities for homeless people, say she is actively involved in trying to get everyone to work together to solve this problem.

(Source: Belga)  

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