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    More than 1,500 accidents involving trams in Brussels in 2014


    Last year, Stib recorded 1,565 accidents involving trams, the highest figure for the last five years. This was revealed by La Libre Belgique and the Brussels edition of La Dernière Heure on Friday. Even though the number of accidents with cars has remained stable over the years, accidents involving cyclists has increased dramatically. The majority of accidents in 2014 involved cars (1,503, with one person killed), but there were 46 accidents with pedestrians (two deaths, one a suicide),and 16 with cyclists (one death).

    The Stib explains the increase in accidents by “the fact that the number and frequency of trams in circulation shot up between 2010 and 2015”, meaning 28% more services per day. It added a tram always has priority.

    Certain main roads in Brussels have more accidents than others. The avenue du Coronne, the avenue Rogier and the avenue Louise are such cases.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)