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    The fall in electricity prices all but wiped out in Brussels


    The fall in energy prices has proved to be temporary for Brussels: the introduction of a tax for intercommunal companies has all but wiped it out, L’Echo said on Thursday. The fall in January’s bills will be largely reduced by the next bills from February onwards. Instead by saving 14 euros on electricity and 21 euros on gas in a year, the average household will now only save around 12 euros, the paper estimates. Brugel, the Brussels regulator who in December approved the 6% reduction in electricity prices and 8% reduction in gas prices for the 2015 to 2019 period, has just adapted them. It will now take into account the fact that Sibelga will pay company tax, a well as increased transport costs to cover the cost of the strategic reserves.

    In Wallonia, which already saw electricity and gas prices go up on the 1st of January, there will be a new price increase following the Federal decision to tax intercommunal companies. This is even if an appeal has been submitted. Paul Furlan, Walloon minister for Energy, estimated that prices would go up by 3.6% to 6%.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)