Almost 250 undocumented migrants obstruct Arts-Loi intersection in Brussels

Almost 250 undocumented migrants from Front des Migrants have been jamming the Arts-Loi intersection in Brussels since Monday morning, causing back ups. They gathered there in the hope of meeting with Theo Francken (N-VA) but the office of the Secretary of State for Asylum, Migration and Administrative Simplification refused to respond to their request. As a result they decided to hold up traffic. “There is no point pretending the undocumented migrants are not there and that there is no problem with the current migration policies when there are actually around 150,000 undocumented migrants in Belgium. Extraditing everyone is not feasible and it is time to face that fact and give these people documents,” explained Oscar Flores, spokesperson for Front des Migrants, who launched the protest.

The association has been organising protests in Brussels for the past 3 months to publicise the issue of undocumented migrants.

(Source: Belga)  

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