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    Complaints to STIB fell by 50% in 2014


    The mediation department of the Brussels public transport company STIB received 257 complaints in 2014, compared to 598 in 2013. This is a fall of 50%, La Capitale has said. STIB’s boss attributes this fall to the network’s maturity and better performance. “We have received no complaints about the vehicles themselves, the noise they make, the support bars or ventilation. These were subjects we got complaints about before, which were linked to the aging vehicles we used at the time”, explains Jean-Pierre Alvin, the STIB boss. He also said that there had been an improvement in getting information to passengers.

    In 2014, 49% of those that complained won their case. This can be explained by STIB “toughening up” on fines, according to its mediation department. This is also due to the cases the mediation department has to deal with becoming more and more complex.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)