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    More tags removed in Brussels in 2014


    More than 11,983 tags were removed by the different Brussels commune services in 2014. That’s 2,564 more than in 2013, the Sudpresse papers and Le Soir reported on Monday. In 2014, the most active communes in this area were Brussels, Uccle, and Saint-Gilles, with respectively 4,530, 1,740, and 1,653 tags removed last year. The communes with the least tags were Koekelberg (7 tags), Evere (10 tags) and Saint-Josse (13 tags). We should take into account the fact that Watermael-Boitsfort couldn’t give any figures, and other communes had no figures for 2013.

    It is difficult to fine those responsible for the tags, as they are rarely caught in the act. 

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)