Traffic jams in Brussels after two accidents in the Léonard and Quatre Bras tunnels

There was an accident in the Quatre Bras tunnel in Brussels, and another in the Léonard tunnel, on Monday morning. These accidents caused traffic jams along the exterior and interior Brussels ring-roads. This was confirmed at around 9.30am by Hajo Beeckman, spokesman for the Flemish traffic centre. “At around 8.45am, there was a collision between several vehicles on the left-hand lane of the Quatre Bras tunnel (Zaventem direction)”, he said. The cars were moved, but the accident caused traffic jams and hour and a half long delays on the exterior ring-road from Waterloo onwards. It also led to three quarters of an hour long delays on the E411 to Brussels from Overijse onwards.

There was another accident in the Léonard tunnel (Waterloo direction), which caused traffic jams on the interior Brussels ring-road. “A truck lost a wheel, which damaged several vehicles. Traffic was reduced to one lane. There were delays lasting around an hour”, said the spokesman.

(Source: Belga)

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