Citizens collective to 'mobilise for culture' on Monday in Brussels

Citizens collective to 'mobilise for culture' on Monday in Brussels

The citizens’ collective “Trop is te veel” is calling for authorities to open their eyes to the numerous problems encountered by the cultural sector during this energy crisis, according to a press release on Saturday.

The collective will be organising a demonstration in Brussels on Monday. ”After a health crisis that has affected the entire cultural sector, the energy crisis could quickly spell the end for many establishments,” the collective warns.

“Theatres, museums, workshops and theatres find themselves having to dip into their savings, as well as into the aid they receive, to pay energy bills which are constantly increasing, despite the many efforts and concessions already made,” the collective says, insisting on the “essential” role culture plays in society, particularly highlighted during the Covid crisis.

“Without urgent measures on the part of the government, culture will be even more affected.”

The mobilisation "to revive culture" is taking place on Monday, at Rue du Musée in Brussels, from 6:00 PM.

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