The Prime Minister attends the remembrance ceremony for the four shooting victims

The Prime Minister attends the remembrance ceremony for the four shooting victims

Prime Minister Charles Michel and the Justice Minister Koen Geens attended the remembrance ceremony for the four victims of the Belgian Jewish Museum shooting, along with hundreds of others. It took place exactly a year after the shooting. On the 24th of May 2014, an armed man walked into the Belgian Jewish Museum, in the rue des Minimes in Brussels, and coldly shot four people. Emanuel and Miriam Riva, a married couple of Israeli tourists, and Dominque Sabrier, a French volunteer, all died at the scene. Alexandre Strens, who worked at the welcome desk, died from his wounds around 10 days later. Six days after the shooting, Mehdi Nemmouche was arrested in Marseille, before being extradited to Belgium. He was charged with planning and committing a terrorist attack.

Sunday’s remembrance ceremony was organised by the Committee for Coordination between Belgian Jewish Organisations (CCBJO). Next week, on the 1st of June, another remembrance ceremony will take place at the Grand Synagogue, organised by the Jewish Museum. On Sunday, after speeches by Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur (PS) and the new president of the CCBJO (Serge Rozen), the 500 or so people present lit candles in front of the commemorative plaque at the Museum entrance.

“As Prime Minister, I want to renew the government’s commitment to the fight for fundamental values and security. We will never be able to bring the risk down to zero. On the other hand, we can take measures to improve security. That’s what we started to do last year”, the Prime Minister said. 

(Source: Belga)

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