Brussels Assizes – the defendants are egocentric, but only a limited danger to society

None of the four people accused of murdering Vasyl Kuchuryan (31) on June 28th 2009 have personality problems, but their behaviour is characterized by deep egocentrism. This is what the legal psychiatrist told the Brussels Assizes court on Wednesday evening. Marc Maes, Nicolas Crowet, Francisco Garces Noguea and Oksana Kuchurian are accused of murdering Ms Kuchurian’s ex-husband, Vasyl Kuchuryan, aged 31. Marc Maes confessed to the 2009 killing. The victim’s ex-wife was feeling harassed by him. “Their actions are guided by their own personal interests. They don’t take other people’s feelings and interests into account as much. That aside, they are four perfectly normal individuals, responsible for their actions”.

The four defendants only represent a limited danger to society, shown by their lack of criminal records. There is a strong probability of anger and lack of control in regard to Marc Maes, which he should learn to control. “At the time of the incident, he was completely besotted with Oksana Kuchurian, and wanted to save her”, the psychiatrist explained. “It must be said that she is very good at manipulating men. I also examined her, and I ended up wondering how much I had been influenced by her myself”.

(Source: Belga)

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