Dozens of traveller caravans parked next to the Charleroi airport
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    Dozens of traveller caravans parked next to the Charleroi airport

    Charleroi airport is looking for a judicial solution to the presence of dozens of traveller caravans on the edge of the airport, according to Vincent Grassa, the BSCA spokesman. “No immediate solution has been found yet”, he said.

    Dozens of traveller caravans were parked on private land belonging to Charleroi airport over the weekend. They had just left land in Marcinelle. Vincent Grass, the airport spokesman, says the caravan’s presence is not only an obvious danger due to air traffic, but they are also very close to the main roads leading up to the airport. The travellers have very young children with them.   

    “While we understand their situation, as we are aware there is an absence of suitable land in this area, we now have to deal with something that has already happened. There was no contact with BSCA beforehand”, says Vincent Grassa. “Their presence on this piece of land is a danger to the travellers themselves, but also to those using the roads”. Vincent Grassa says while there is no unofficial contact planned, the problem is being looked at by the airport’s judicial services. They want to find a solution that meets the needs of each party. “Nothing has been decided yet”, the spokesman said.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)