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    Brussels: youth unemployment rate at its lowest since 1992


    At the end of June there were 100,056 inactive unemployed (demandeurs d’emploi inoccupés, or DEI) in the Brussels-Capital area, which shows a drop of 7,693 people (-7.1%), announced Actris, the Brussels Centre for Employment and Training on Thursday. The unemployment rate was 18.2% last month compared to 20.3% in June 2014. The youth unemployment rate fell by 14.% over the year and by 21.2% over a two-year period, to settle at 24% in June this year, meaning that the number of youths seeking employment (10,394) was at its lowest since 1992 (9,740). There were 68,930 jobseekers on benefits (demandeurs d’emploi demandeurs d’allocations, or DEDA) in the Brussels region in June, 4,830 youths on back-to-work training and 26,296 other jobseekers that had either registered voluntarily or automatically, according to Actris. The latter category are “people who have not yet received any unemployment benefit (but who have applied to the Onem), people who re-registered with Actris after their benefits were withdrawn, people on an income-replacement wage and people who have no replacement income at all.

    Over the course of June, Actris recorded 10,792 new jobseekers (9,327 people re-registering and 1,465 entirely new jobseekers) against 11,774 people coming off the jobseekers list, which represents 982 fewer DEIs (-1.0%) on a monthly basis.

    The drop was particularly noticeable within the under 25s, this group of jobseekers slimming down from 12,100 a year ago to 10,394 in June. This is the 25th month this rate has dropped and the highest drop since 1992.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)