Cook stabs man in leg during quarrel in Brussels

A 23-year-old man working at a restaurant in Brussels was stabbed in the leg by a cook from the same establishment on Thursday. He underwent emergency surgery and his life is not in danger. The man who stabbed him is known to the law and was being held by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Brussels for attempted murder on Friday, it announced.

A police patrol car was dispatched to the hospital at approximately 7:00pm to record a complaint for stabbing. The victim was working at a restaurant on Avenue de Stalingrad and got into an argument with a cook from the same restaurant. He alleges the suspect insulted him, dragged him outside into the street and stabbed him in the leg.

The police went to the restaurant but could find no trace of blood on the pavement. The manager of the restaurant was initially reluctant to cooperate but eventually gave the police access to the kitchen, where they found the knife used in the attack.

The suspect had already left the premises. He was not at home and was found in a neighbour’s garden. He was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.

(Source: Belga)  

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