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    Hundreds of cyclists call for a “Velorution” in Brussels


    Hundreds of cyclists travelled across Brussels on Saturday evening, calling for a “Universal Velorution”. It was part of a European action in favour of a different approach to transport within large cities. “Instead of spending money on large projects like enlarging the ring road or creating a mini-ring road, authorities would be better off investing in transport and infrastructures that everyone can access and use”, said the organiser Liévin Chemin. The Universal Velorution has swelled to reach “critical mass”, the organisers say. Certain groups of cyclists were big enough to force drivers to drive at their speed.

    “This critical mass system is regularly used in 350 cities all over the world”, explains Liévin Chemin. “We have some people here today who are concerned about global warming. Others want less cars in towns, and others want cycling to be made safer. Some come simply because they love cycling”.

    The aim of the demonstration is to change mentalities. Not only that of other road users, but also that of the political authorities. “We want public areas to be shared fairly between all road users”, Mr Chemin said. “We don’t want a system were cars get tax advantages. We want towns for people, which are not centred around cars or the markets, but around living together”.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)