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Brussels demonstration in solidarity with the Greek people

Several hundred people demonstrated on the place de l’Albertine in Brussels between 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday. They were showing solidarity with the Greek people. There were speeches denouncing the Eurogroup and the EU’s dictatorship in service of the banks. The participants, among which were representatives of the CSC Union, members of the Hart boven hard citizen movement and Podemos EMPs, were showing support for the Greek people’s resistance to the pillage of its economy.

Tosi Pietro, a member of the Brussels Christian Worker’s Movement, called for the formal respect of the Greek referendum on June 25th. It showed more than 60% of the population was against the proposition agreement between Greece and its creditors. “The Greek population is once again the victim of blackmail by the European Union. The referendum’s No vote was not respected, and we want to defend their choice”.

Jan Busselen, the event’s organiser and a member of Hart boven hard, added that the deterioration in living conditions for the Greek people is on par with not respecting democracy. “We think that Europe is acting in an anti-democratic way. In Greece, millions of retired people are living with a 500 euro pension. Purchasing power has gone down by 40%. People will ask for what I would call humanitarian aid. The situation is catastrophic”.

Greece reached a rush agreement with the Eurozone on Monday, which should allow it to negotiate an new international aid plan. This plan is estimated to be worth 82 to 85 billion euros over three years. The agreement must be approved by the Greek Parliament on Wednesday. There is a risk Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will lose his parliamentary majority.

(Source: Belga)