Brussels’ Rue de Namur opens its walls to “Street Art”

Brussels’ Rue de Namur opens its walls to “Street Art”

Seven “Street Art” murals were inaugurated, on Sunday, in Brussels’ Rue de Namur, a small street linking shops on Porte de Namur with the museum quarter and La Grande Place. “We were aware that Rue de Namur was always busy but that people tended to use it only as a thoroughfare and rarely stopped,” pointed out Flore Frédéric from Atrium Brussels, the regional agency for commerce. “We wanted to make this road more attractive, to showcase its identity so that both shoppers and merchants would want to make it their own.”

Each year, Brussels Alderman for Culture, Karine Lalieux, is allocated a 100,000-euro budget to organise a Street Art route through Brussels. “Atrium agreed Street Art would be perfect for Rue de Namur and we were delighted to work on a project for the street,” said Mrs. Lalieux (PS).

Seven artists are showcased in Rue de Namur - Spear, Eyes B, Parole, Koolkoor, Van Tang, Steve Locatelli and Nova Dead. The project was coordinated by the Propaganza art collective.

(Source: Belga)

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