Man arrested at Gare du Midi for chanting Jihadist slogans

Man arrested at Gare du Midi for chanting Jihadist slogans

A man chanting Jihadist slogans and threatening to blow himself up on Wednesday morning at the Gare du Midi train station in Brussels, has been arrested. The unarmed individual was questioned that afternoon, said the Brussels Prosecution service on Wednesday. Later that day, Federal Police special units conducted a thorough search of the Gare du Midi station after receiving a phone call alerting them of an individual armed with what appeared to be an Uzi (sub machine gun). However, nothing suspicious was detected on site. 

Based on the initial findings, the two cases are not related.

The individual caught chanting Jihadist slogans in the train station, around 9:00 a.m. had apparently also tried to strangle a motorcyclist. The latter has not yet been identified.

Later that day, police received a call from someone claiming to have seen a man armed with a weapon resembling an "Uzi" at the Gare du Midi train station. The federal police special units investigated the site, yet found nothing out of the ordinary. The analysis of the video surveillance images also revealed nothing suspicious. According to the Prosecution service, it's probably no more than a misunderstanding, the caller having presumably witnessed an armed Police officer.

(Source: Belga)

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