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    Brussels: pharmacist stabbed in hand by robber


    A pharmacist has been stabbed twice by a man who then ran off with the contents of the cash register. The pharmacist was taken to hospital and underwent surgery on Friday morning. The 43-year-old suspect is well known to the judiciary and is currently on parole. 

    The man went into the pharmacy on Brussels’ Boulevard d’Ypres and asked for Rohypnol. The pharmacist thought this suspicious and was reaching for the security alarm when the man pulled out a knife and stabbed her twice in the hand before making off with the till contents.

    The pharmacist was able to get away and pointed out the man who had assaulted her to neighbouring business owners who caught up with the man. He was pushed to the ground and kept there, during which time he was injured. He was taken to the police station but refused to make a statement. This incident represents a breach of his parole conditions.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)