The Brussels Horeca sector affected but comprehensive

The Brussels Horeca sector affected but comprehensive

The Horeca sector (hospitality, restaurant and catering) is currently suffering greatly from the terror threat level 4 put in place in the Brussels area.

Café and restaurant owners however understand the measures put in place by the authorities, explained on Monday Marc Van Muylders, vice-president of the Horeca sector in Brussels on Radio 1 (VRT radio)."The priority lies within our customers’ safety”, said Mr Van Muylders. Restaurants and cafés have widely followed the law enforcement’s call to close so they could concentrate their energy on the anti-terrorist operations, he added.

The financial impact is however difficult to put up with. Marc Van Muylders adds: "For many Horeca businesses, week-ends represent half of their revenue. The situation is exceptional but on the long term, we will need to solve this issue through their social charges, VAT or rent. But it is not on the agenda yet. Right now we need to find a solution so that they can reopen as fast as possible.” 

(Source: Belga)

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