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    The police foiled a wave of terrorist attacks in Brussels


    The Belgian authorities managed to foil several attacks that aimed to target Brussels on Sunday. De Tijd and L’Echo quotes a well informed source stating that the raids and arrests managed to foil the attacks.

    In the meantime, the maximum security and alert level remains in place in the capital. The authorities have received several indications during its investigations, whereby the targeted terrorist network had been destabilised. The juridical investigation is still ongoing and is aiming to identify a maximum amount of members from the network, or “the hard core”, according to L’Echo.

    The foiled attacks aimed to target several locations in Brussels, similar to the Paris attacks that took place November 13. Even if only one suspect is finally found guilty, the whole terrorist cell and support network, including money and logistics becomes undermined by the security forces, affirms Tijd and L’Echo.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)