Police officer beaten up by youth in Saint-Gilles

Police officer beaten up by youth in Saint-Gilles

A police officer, who was patrolling in Jacques Franck square in Saint-Gilles, was beaten up by eight youths on Wednesday evening. They fled the scene after the aggression and nobody has been arrested so far. The police officer is not in a position to work, indicated on Friday the police spokesperson for the Midi zone (Saint-Gilles, Anderlecht, Forest).

Two police officers were sent to Jacques Franck due to calls of windows being smashed. Once they arrived to the scene, a group of youths cursed and provoked them. The officers approached them and wanted to check the id card of one of them. The youth was unable to show any documents.

When the officers then took him with them to their vehicle, the young person threw one of the officers on the ground. He was then beaten up by all of the eight youths with kicks to his body and face. They immediately fled and ran away towards the metro. 

(Source: Belga)

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