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Around 250 people march for peace in Molenbeek

Around 250 people took part in a march for peace in the streets of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean on Friday afternoon. It was organised by Saint-Egid, as part of International peace day, which is supported by the Catholic Church. The aim of this demonstration, like the ones held in Liège and Antwerp, was to draw attention to victims of war and violence all over the world.

The Molenbeek march started on the Communal Square, and headed towards the New Grains market in Brussels. The participants were holding white balloons and signs bearing the names of 24 countries affected by armed conflict. The participants asked for particular attention to be paid to the war in Syria, and said they hoped peace would be reached quickly.

“The end of last year was marked by messages of war, terror, threats, fear and polarisation. We want to make this year the year of peace. This march was to make 2016 a year of peace all over the world”, the organisers said.

(Source: Belga)